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You’ll be amazed how much easier gardening is when your tools are sharp. We sharpen chain saws, garden shears, secateurs, hedge trimmers, loppers and pruners.


Scissors are used in many industries from hairdressing to textiles to food processing. I have the machinery & the training to provide the perfect edge every time.


We sharpen knives for the hospitality industry as well as households. A blunt knife makes work more difficult and it has been proven to be more dangerous.

planerCarpentry Tools

Planer blades, chisels, circular saw blades, drill bits all need to be sharpened to keep you working at your best.


Our vehicle is a complete mobile workshop with its own power supply and contains the latest in quality sharpening equipment.  We also have an engineering workshop and toolmaking business (established over 20 years), which gives us access to other machinery to assist in the sharpening of specialised tools.

Mobile Machines
  • 2x double ended 200 mm bench grinders- attachments include:
    • 80,120 and 240 grit grinding wheels (varying profiles)
    • buffing/polishing wheel
    • Multitool™ disc grinding
    • Wire wheel
    • Linishing belts
    • Lapping fixture
  • 250mm wetstone grinder and leather honing/lapping wheel
  • Air Compressor
  • All powered by a Honda Generator
Workshop Machines
  • Tool and cutter grinder
  • Drill bit grinder
  • 2 x double ended bench grinders accommodating various grades and profile grinding wheels
  • Full engineering workshop with C.N.C., vertical mills, N.C. mill, bandsaws, lathes, pedestal drill press and other related machinery


Knife Sharpening
Chef’s /Utility Knife $8-$10
Paring / small knife $4
Mandolin $10
Kitchen Tool Sharpening
Food processor blades $10
Kitchen shears $10
Garden Tool Sharpening
Garden Shears $10
Secateurs $10
Shovel / Mattock $10
Hatchet / Axe $15-$25
Knife Reshaping
Chef’s Utility Knife $18
Paring / Small Knife $12
Domestic and Dressmaking $8.80
Large Upholstery $13.20
Circular Saw Sharpening
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades from $.40 per tooth
Power Tools & Hand Tools
Router bits $6
Broach Cutters (for magnetic drills) $15
Drill Bits less than 6mm $1.10
Drill Bits 6mm to less than 12mm $2.20
Drill Bits 12mm to less than 25mm $3.30
Drill Bits greater than 25mm $5.50
Spade bits $2.80
Holesaws to less than 50mm $8.80
Holesaws less than 51mm to 100mm $11.00
Holesaws over 100mm $16.50
Chainsaws (not including chain removal/refit) $9 (remove/refit/tension $3)
Wood Chisels from $5.50
Wood Turning Chisels from $7.50
Hand Plane Irons $5.50
Tinsnips $10
Hand Held Electric Planer Blades $5.50


ABG Sharp is a family owned and operated mobile sharpening business covering the Port Stephens region. We sharpen just about any cutting edge and will come to your home or business.

The philosophy of ABG Sharp is to provide a convenient service, based on quality and old fashioned values.  We take great pride in our work and strive for perfection at all times. Today’s throw away society is not sustainable – why not sharpen your favourite tools at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

With over 20 years experience in both hospitality and engineering, Bryce understands the importance of sharpening tools regularly for:

  • greater efficiency
  • improved safety
  • quality results
  • reduced frustration!


We would love to hear from you.

E: bryce@abgsharp.com.au
P: 0418 645245